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  Natural ResourcesWisconsin fall scene

A community- based, partnership approach to natural resources education at the watershed and landscape scale.

vertical divider Citizen Monitoringcitizen volunteers

Programs that support citizen stream monitoring, river cleanups, storm drain stenciling and other action-oriented water protection efforts.

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Targeted educational strategies and sound evaluation techniques to help water resources programs better address audience needs.

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A guide to publications and educational materials developed by our Publications Unit at the UWEX Environmental Resources Center.

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Information and resources to help local governments and farmers effectively manage stormwater runoff.
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Key Partners
Water resources educational programs represent a collaboration among other University of Wisconsin campuses, Extension centers and state and federal programs. >See Full Partners List

Wisconsin's Waters
Wisconsin's major river systems form 24 river basins and watersheds. >Find your basin.

Community Natural Resources and Economic Development

Contact: martinel@wisc.edu